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August 4, 2012
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Skyrim Meme feat. Curaja by WhiteWings Skyrim Meme feat. Curaja by WhiteWings
Long and awesome meme was long and awesome. :faint:
A labor of love for friends, watchers, and gamers alike.

filled meme, Curaja, & herself © WhiteWings
Skyrim meme © vampirisa
'The Elder Scrolls' series © Bethesda

And yes, I like naming my RPG characters after Final Fantasy spells. Cool?

blank meme:
Skyrim Meme by vampirisa

EDIT: Okay, I'm really tired of explaining this about the Daedric tea party, so listen up: the ones not present are ones I forgot, or didn't like or dislike enough to have at a tea party or blow up in a Fire Rune, impaled by their own artifacts. Hircine is one of 'em, Malacath another (though I really, really wish I included him at the tea party), I had Barbas represent Clavicus (I like Barbas better anyways), etc.

Now PLEASE stop asking about it! If I'm asked again after this, I'm going to ignore you. Sorry, but tough cookies! >.< *runs away, tossing cookie jar of tough cookies over shoulder*
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GingerSnape Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Erandur riding a dragon. That's the stuff of fanfics right there. And freezing Sam? I laughed SO HARD!! Right in my favorites pile.
WhiteWings Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Write that fanfiction! This must become reality!

Haha, it was very satisfying to draw that, after all the crazy stuff he put me through. In my headcanon, he spiked Curaja's drink, and thus sent her on his crazy quest to get back at the guy who did it. XD

Thanks for commenting! Made me happy to read ^^
azureflame22nd Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  New member
Does anyone else hate the dark brotherhood
i only did the quest line because i killed them all the during the first playthrough
but im thinking of killing them all (even if they are essential) after i finish the quest line
WhiteWings Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, as my meme illustrates, I'm not exactly fond of them. XD

Kinda cold to take all their treasure only to kill them all in the end, but I think they would approve in a sick way XD;
azureflame22nd Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  New member
Btw,curaja as in....curaga? (Its a final fantasy healing spell)
WhiteWings Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sort of: Curaja is the lesser known step higher than Curaga. Level 4 healing magic :nod:
ligault Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
great character, animation and story, all around great meme:happybounce: 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
When I see people playing the game like that, I'm not sure if I should feel guilty or curious or what...

My Dovahkiin is so evil... I mean, I'm not evil in real life, but I play video games as a means of escaping stuff, not be more of what I already am. So My Dovahkiin is a one eyed Dunmer woman, and she's evil as in:
I have completed all the Daedric quests, successfully, and have all their items. I joined both the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild so that I'm boss of all the underground criminal activities and spying in Skyrim.
The main reason I killed Alduin and other dragons and dragon priests is because my Dovahkiin wants to be Head Honcho in the whole Dominating Everyone department. As soon as the Greybeards help me perfect my powers, I'm totally going to kill Parthunax and then no dragon will oppose me either. I've already helped the Empire win the war AND murdered the emperor, and also killed the guy that hired me to kill the emperor... I imagine that Cyrodill must be in political turmoil right now. Perfect time for conquest. First the Empire, then the Thalmor (which I kill for sport as soon as I see one. And I have raided the Thalmor embassy so many times that it's gotten repetitive.)

Soon me and my loyal Blades (with loyal Orc warriors and Dunmer spellcasters which I recruited) will rule and the world shall me mine, FOREVER! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Long Live The Dovahkiin Saria, slayer of all that opposes her.

But really, I'm a nice person in real life. I swear!
WhiteWings Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't help but laugh here, even if I usually play the paragon character in games like this XD

Thanks for commenting!
Persona22 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
Glad to hear it. :)

I was surprised when seeing your character's details, because I've seen lots of other people do this meme, but your character is so far the one that seems like the complte oposite to mine in a way that it would seem like your Dovahkiin and my Dovahkiin would be mortal enemies if they ever met.
You killed most of the factions I joined and "befriended" (I write in quotes because Saria (my Dovahkiin's name) doesn't so much have "friends" as she has "useful people that are around her and that she would kill the moment she feels they are no longer useful"). Like the Dark Brotherhood, or the Mythic Dawn (Joined one and I obeyed the Daedra on the other, which made me get the dagger Mehrunes' Razor).
Meanwhile I killed the people you seem to like, besides Parthunax, which I mentioned before, I killed Erandur when Vaermina told me to. And I used his "blood" to power up the Ebony Blade, which I power up by befriending someone and then killing them. (And I got the Skull of Corruption in the process.)
Saria uses mostly physicall attacks (Saria's main weapons are a Daedric Sword with a fire enchantment, and Daedric Artifacts like the Mace of Molag Bal which was obtained by killing a Vigilant of Stendarr, or the Ebony Blade which becomes more powerful the more "friends" are murdered with it), and heavy Daedric armor (enchanted so it will be more resistant to Destruction spells, like fire and ice), while Curaja is clearly a spellcaster and uses light robes.
Curaja seems to like to kick up Daedric Princes, and Saria loves serving them.
From the picture I'm going to guess that Curaja's horse is Frost, and Saria's horse is Shadowmere.
The only enemy they seem to have in common are the Thalmor...

So yes, Curaja and Saria seem to be complete opposite meant to be arch enemies the moment they meet.
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